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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Suggestions to PMO 6: Make officers accountable

We are continually suggesting various issues related to people of India on the basis of feedback from general public to our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. This is sixth one in the series. We are thankful to Sri Modi for endorsing our first three suggestions in his maiden speech in Loksabha that inspired us to go to people and write more suggestions to PMO.

We know that our PMO wants to establish work culture in India with an agenda for development. PMO also wants to eradicate corruption from its root and establish a culture of responsive administration. Narendra Modi has proved that he does what he says.

Most of the thinkers and many of the people in general suggested that bureaucracy in India is the biggest hindrance in development. India can be a economic and political super power if they work properly. They have a lifetime service guarantee unlike the politicians. Politicians have to face voters every five years that make them responsible and accountable to the general public. However, nothing happens if some bureaucrat s do nothing or delay projects. This has become a normal practice that they just stop moving the files. We suggest to make officers responsible and accountable for their work. It will be better if we have a public feedback system for the officers responsible for specific work or project.

I would like to quote an example in which I was a party. An IAS officer was appointed for removing encroachment in Jaipur. He successfully removed many encroachments and become very popular among Jaipurites.

I met him personally in a face to face program organized by Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch, headed by Sri Girdharilal Bhargava, the then MP of Jaipur. I asked the IAS few questions. The first and foremost was, :How many persons did you punish" . He replied many one. My second question was " How many officers did you punish" and the answer was negative.

Those who encroached were punished but those (Responsible officers) helped in encroaching by taking bribes or for some other reasons were set free. This very attitude increases corruption and make bureaucrats irresponsible.

We urge the PMO to make the bureaucrats responsible and accountable for their work. Punish them if they ignore or delay their works. Amend rules and regulations of the colonial act still prevailing. After all the tax payers are paying huge money to these bureaucrats. They must behave as public servants and not as colonial rulers.

Jyoti Kothari
Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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