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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Speech of Narendra Modi at UN General assembly

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been visiting New York in America where he delivered speech at UN General assembly today. He delivered his maiden speech at UN in Hindi, National language of India. Main features of his speech are as follows:

1. The United Nations Organization, UNO will enter in its 70th year of establishment the next year. The world has changed since its establishing.  The working of UN needs radical change. The UN have to be democratized. Participation of even smallest countries in decision making process is required.

2. Why do we go with G-1 or G -7 or G - 20 when we have UNO. There should be G -all.

3. We have to focus on those who don't have facilities of drinking water and sanitation. We have to think of homeless people living in the earth.

4. The UN is not an appropriate forum to raise Kashmir issue. We are ready for bilateral talk with Pakistan in a terrorist free environment. (Answering to Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan PM).

5. There should be no war in the seas and oceans, space and cyber space.

6 He pledged for universal brotherhood and sustainable development, philosophy of India.

7. He urged for declaring a global day for Yoga.

8. He urged for action taking organization for fighting global terrorism. He told that all the countries by and large are affected with terrorism.

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