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Saturday, 27 December 2014

My Gov website needs more attention for effectiveness

Narendra Modi led central government in India has taken a nice step by creating "My Gov" website. This is a very useful website that provides Indian citizens to interact with the government directly. This is an initiative towards people's participation for good governance. However, it needs more attention of the admin and the government itself to make it more effective.

My Gov site is useful and full with meaningful groups. Large numbers of people have joined this site in last few months. We can see their participation in discussion boards, completing tasks and in some other ways.

There are several groups such as Incredible India, Clean Ganga, Skill India etc. One can join one or more groups. However, there is a limitation, and one can participate in four groups at a max. Besides, he or she can  additionally join his or her district group. One can write his or her comments in discussion topics and complete given tasks.

Though it is a welcome step of the central government of India it needs much attention to make it effective. I would like to draw attention of the admin or the nodal agency maintaining the My Gov site about some issues related to effectiveness of the website.

There are no new discussion topics and tasks in most of the groups since last two months. Most of the tasks are closed and citizens can not participate in any task. Some of the groups has not yet any discussion topics or tasks. For example, my district group Jaipur has no discussion topics nor have a task. Moreover, there is no option of starting a discussion topic by the citizen members of My Gov site. I request the authorities to pay attention over these issues to improve site health and for its effectiveness.

FAQ section is very weak and unable to satisfy queries. There is no option for contacting admin or concerned department. It will be better to have search option for members i.e one can search a member within the site. Similarly public display of scores and star rating can motivate citizens to participate more and more in My gov website. It is advisable that public suggestions shorted out and sent to concerned ministry. These can enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the website.

I doubt, some authorities of the  concerning departments read the suggestions!!

I Have requested several times in last two months to rectify these issues. However, nothing is changed. We know that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keen on good governance and in following Citizens First method. It will be better if the admin will take necessary action to make MyGov more effective. It is necessary to implement.

Jyoti Kothari

Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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