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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Clean India campaign - Children ambassadors of Jaipur

Clean India campaign - Children ambassadors in Jaipur
Clean India campaign has touched the hearts of children and kids and they are now working as brand ambassadors in Jaipur. They are between 8 and 12 years. The children in the photo above have cleaned Sonthion Ka Mokalla, KGB Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, Jaipur with their own hands and motivated all of us to make India clean.  Its an interesting and inspiring story, please read.

Shrishti Bothra, daughter of my nephew Deepak came to me today afternoon with a notice from her school. She showed me the notice that had instructions from CBSE to join clean India - Clean school campaign. She came with an intention to prepare a poster to participate in the clean India Clean school campaign. She had some idea in her mind and wanted my guidelines and advice.

Suddenly, my mind jumped to an unique idea and I advised her to be directly part of the action and have a video of that to post for the competition. I motivated her to call few of her friends and start cleaning the street. She had a mindset that none of her friends would come forward for this so called dirty work.

My wife Mamta came into the picture and helped her coming out of hesitation. She told her" Go and try. If they don't come then you will have a chance to deny them for something when they ask you for". She added with words  great people try without fearing failure. Shrishti ran away and came with three of her friends in few minutes.

In the mean time, my wife called another child Sonu, a boy living in neighborhood and asked him for the same job. He also gone out after some hesitation and came with two of his friends. All of them went together with brooms in their hands and a dustbin. They started cleaning the street and soon they cleaned a large area of the street.

My son Darshan Kothari shoot videos and photos that I promised them. Parents and some others started looking these children cleaning the street. Manju Jain, one of the ladies engaged in conversation with me and I told her " Children are doing this wonderfully, now its turn to all of you". She has promised me to come out tomorrow with some others to join the clean India campaign. I am waiting for them in action.

The children did not stop with this. I asked them to go door to door. They went to every house with a message to keep the Mohalla clean. I, myself, am inspired with this and witnessed the power of young India. What we elders need is just to turn direction of our children and inspire them for good work. They have the power to change India.

We have been organizing a seminar in Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch on Clean India on Sunday, October 12, 2014. Satya Narayan Singh, IAS will be the main speaker and Hon'ble Justice I S Israni will preside over there. I have promised the children reward for them by hands of these dignitaries.

Names of children participated in Clean India campaign and worked as Brand Ambassadors in Jaipur:
1. Sherishti Bothra d/o Deepak Bothra (Group leader)
2. Adi Sharma "Sonu" s/o Dipak Sharma  (Group leader)
3. Riddhi Jain d/o Jay Kumar Jain
4. Anushi Kothari  d/o Anil Kothari
5. Saumya Dassani d/o Mahesh Dassani
6. Adish Pareek s/o Surendra Pareek
7. Devang Sharma s/o Vijay Kumar Sharma
8. Sonal Mehta d/o Rajendra Mehta

Thanks to all of them and their parents.

Indian Society of Malaria and Indian Association of Epidemiologists organized a conference and they come out with a conclusion that Modi's 'Swachh Bharat' mission could bring down malaria. Zee news has reported the same on October 9.

Children inspired parents in Jaipur for cleaning after Diwali

स्वच्छ भारत अभियान गोष्ठी में जस्टिस इसरानी ने बच्चों को सन्मानित किया

Jyoti Kothari
Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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