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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Maharshtra - Haryana assembly elections 2014: BJP much ahead in campaign

Narendra Modi
 BJP is much ahead in campaign in Maharshtra - Haryana assembly elections 2014. All of the survey reports indicate of BJP victory in both the sates. Bharatiya Janta Party will be evolved as single largest party in both the states according to pre-poll surveys conducted by various news channels and other agencies. However, Narendra Modi is confident about clear majority in assembly elections.

BJP and its leaders are much ahead in campaign in both the states over all other rival parties. Bharatiya Janta Party have more than seven hundred rallies and public meetings in Maharshtra alone. No other party could even reach to two hundred. Congress party has already given up their hope and nobody is taking Raj Thakre and his party MNS seriously. 

Shivsena is desperately trying to save their ground in Maharshtra state. Uddhav Thakre, Shivsena Supremo and his son Aditya Thakre were literally kneel down before voters in Mumbai on the last day of campaign. NCP was not also prepared for such massive election campaign despite their rule and strong base in the state.

Narendta Gadkari former BJP President has highest number of rallies in his account totaling to 104 followed by Pankaja Munde d/o late Gopinath Munde with 102. Amit Shah, BJP President has also addressed more that fifty rallies in Maharashtra assembly election campaign. Prime Minster Narendra Modi has addressed record 27 public meetings. No other Prime Minister in India so far has addressed so many meetings during election campaign in a single state.

The scenario in Haryana is similar. Prime Minster Narendra Modi has addressed eleven rallies in the comparatively smaller state. Sonia Gandhi has only three in her account and Rahul Gandhi has six. In the mean time, Ram Rahim Baba, Supremo of Dera Sachchha Sauda has declared his unconditional support to BJP and Narendta Modi. He has millions of followers in Haryana state who are in a position to influence at least forty five seats among ninety in the state assembly.  This is a big blow to all other parties contesting election in the state.

Public campaign for assembly elections are already over (October 13, 5 PM). Only few hours are left when voters of both the states will exercise their votes (October 15, 2014) to elect 288 members (MLAs) in Maharshtra and 90 in Haryana. We have to wait till October 19 for the results to come out. 

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