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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Children in Jaipur again cleaned their colony (Clean India Mission)

Aadi Sharma at Clean India Mission in Jaipur 

Girl children cleaning the street

Children in Jaipur again cleaned their colony (Sonthion Ka Mohalla, KGB Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar) under Clean India Mission.  Most of the children were below the age 10. They cleaned their colony last year that motivated their parents to clean. Finally, a committee was formed to keep the colony clean.

Few months later, Vikas Kothari, a resident of this colony elected as corporator in Jaipur municipal corporation and he started keeping his ward. And this ward, as a result, is one of the cleanest wards in Jaipur.

One year later, today, the children were again motivated to clean their colony and to start a campaign. Narendra Modi Vichar Manch organized the program and the children cleaned their colony in the presence of their corporator Vikas Kothari who announced certificates for all the children.

The children went to every household to bring awareness among the residents for cleanliness. Narendra Modi, our PM has urged every citizen of India, in his speech on October 2, to take cleanliness as a mission.  The children of Jaipur will work as ambassadors to this campaign.

Both male and female children of Jaipur took part in this campaign in their child leader Aadi Sharma (Sonu) S/O Deepak Sharma. Other children took part are

1. Ranu Singh
2. Dhumil Gujjar
3. Vaibhav Sharma
4. Aayush Sharma
5. Anshu Sharma
6. Kanu Sharma
7. Riddhi Jain
8. Palak Jain
9. Prerna Jain

We strongly believe that the will force of these children will bring awareness for cleanliness among the citizens of India and India will be as clean as Singapur, Japan, The US, The UK,  and South Korea.

We have to cultivate the habit of cleanliness among Indians,  especially community cleanliness. This will reduce cost on health issues. We have to keep our roads and public places clean. We have to keep our rivers and other water resources clean. It will be better if every Indian take is as a mission. This is not a mission of Narendra Modi nor the mission of Mahatma Gandhi but the mission of all of us.

Cleanliness can take us in the row of developed nations. This can save as much as of 6.7 percent of our GDP. Clean India Mission can add growth rate to our GDP too.

Children inspired parents in Jaipur for cleaning after Diwali

Clean India campaign - Children ambassadors of Jaipur

Jyoti Kothari
Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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