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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Suggestions to PMO 2: Promotion of bio-fertilizers and pesticides

Suggestions to PMO 2 (Prime Minister's Office)

Promotion of wormy compost and other bio-fertilizers and pesticides needed to reduce usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides harmful for environment. This will reduce petroleum consumption, save foreign currency and also save water and electricity.

Indian farmers have been using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in huge quantity since the green revolution. It is true that usage of these chemicals enhanced Indian agricultural production many folds. It was required at that time.

We are now facing adverse affects of these chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Usage of these gradually reduces productivity of agricultural land and makes these baron. These kill useful microbes along with harmful ones resulting reduced productivity. Moreover, one has to use more and more fertilizers to maintain level of yield. Agricultural land that uses chemical fertilizers needs more water for irrigation. Chemicals cause pollution and depletion of valuable natural resources. These kind of fertilizers and pesticides are also harmful for human and cattle health. Sometimes it becomes hazardous and even fatal.

Most of the chemical fertilizers such as Urea are petroleum products. India spent billions of dollars in importing crude petroleum. Hence, use of chemical fertilizers cost us expensive foreign currency.  It plays a vital role in foreign trade imbalance.

Therefore, it is advisable to promote bio-fertilizers and pesticides instead of their chemical counterparts. Bio-fertilizers and pesticides are environment friendly. Farmers can grow healthy organic food by using bio ones.  It will not pollute and have positive effects on agricultural lands. This will enrich farms with useful microbes. Wormy compost and bio-compost also enhance numbers of worms in the land. These creatures naturally make land porous that allows natural air containing oxygen and nitrogen to the deep. This in turn feed the plants and makes them healthy and increase productivity. This also improves quality of food.

Government of India disburses billions of rupees as subsidy on chemical fertilizers and this is a debatable issue in free economy. We urge the government to subsidize bio-fertilizers and pesticides to promote their usage. It wil help us in saving our agricultural lands from pollution, save billions of dollars and save public health.

Producers will need huge quantity of cow dung to produce wormy compost. It will benefit millions of cattle grazers. It will also help us in save our cow progeny. This will increase employ-ability in rural area. Amalgamation with MNREGA can save huge money.

NB: Please comment on this blogpost so that I can know your views and send that to PMO. Narendra Modi, PM of India is open to any suggestions from any persons. Pl follow the blog for latest updates.

Jyoti Kothari
Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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