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Monday, 9 June 2014

Suggestions to PMO 3: Promote entrepreneurship among Indian young

Vardhaman Infotech image for Entrepreneurship development
Entrepreneurship development
Suggestions to PMO 3 (Prime Minister's Office)

Promote entrepreneurship by facilitating them through all means. Mindless bureaucracy and red tappism is the biggest hurdle, remove it or at least reduce it. Indian entrepreneurs, given opportunity, can do miracle in economic field. They can generate millions of jobs too. Proper education/training and entrepreneurship can take India to a super power.

India has highest number of young people. Most of the young are qualified and large numbers of them have technical skills. However, there is a tendency of going for suitable jobs that can earn money for them immediately. They do not want to open a new horizon i.e. starting a new venture. Most of them lack entrepreneurship.

Indian schools, colleges and other technical institutes, normally, do not teach or encourage 
entrepreneurship. It is much easier to teach a technical skill than to prepare one to start a new venture. We have to develop entrepreneurship among young by training and motivating them. Starting a new venture itself is difficult for a new comer and hurdles from mindless bureaucracy make it harder. We have to instruct and train our political leadership, bureaucracy and other concerning agencies to encourage entrepreneurship.  

A new venture faces many challenges. First and foremost of the same is knowledge. Young has almost no knowledge of a business. They do not know how to start and run a business. Most of them think that if they have money they can start a business. They are, normally, driven by this notion. However, a successful entrepreneur knows that money comes at last.  

Creating a suitable business system is the most difficult part. I urge, institutes should teach basics of business system. Managing human resource, finding customers, maintaining quality of product etc are the basic requirements. No doubt, managing finance plays vital role in a business.

Once established, a new venture creates large numbers of jobs that reduces unemployment. We know from the principles of economics that a direct job triggers to create three new indirect jobs. All new ventures add to tax revenue of government. Investment in entrepreneurship development will come back manyfolds in indirect way. It will help moving the wheels of Indian economy. 

I request the government to prepare and implement a suitable plan for entrepreneurship development and create a positive environment for young entrepreneurs. Talented and skilled young can do miracle. Even a few successful ventures can change the whole scenario. 

I further request the government to set up a task force or even a department under finance or industries ministry for this purpose. This will positively impact Indian industrial scenario and gradually boost Indian economy. A long term plan will be better. 

Given opportunity, Indian young entrepreneurs can do miracle and make india a super power in world economy. 

NB: Please comment on this blogpost so that I can know your views and send that to PMO. Narendra Modi, PM of India is open to any suggestions from any persons. Pl follow the blog for latest updates. 

Jyoti Kothari
Convener, Jaipur division
Prabhari, West Bengal,
Narendra Modi Vichar Manch

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