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Monday, 2 June 2014

Suggestions to PMO 1: India needs more ITIs

Suggestions to PMO 1: Prime Minister's Office
Industrial Training Institute, India

Sri Narendra Modi, newly elected Prime Minister of India has done a good job by creating a facebook page for PMO. Indian people have an opportunity to post in this page. This is the Modi way to connect with common people directly. I would like to suggest few things that may be beneficial for the country. This one is the first in series. I would appreciate your suggestions in comment section. 

1. Indian education system is to be changed. More ITIs are required than to normal schools. We need more skilled workers to compete with China in manufacturing sector. We need more ITIs and more courses in ITIs. India needs more blue collars than white collars.

Indian education system is following more or less the same pattern as of Lord  Macaulay. British rulers need clerks to govern India and they established an education system that produced clerks for British Masters.

India had a rich tradition of education and training for over all development of students since times immemorial. That very education system of ancient India led India to the top in the world. India was truly golden bird at that time. 

Shrewd British rulers understood that they could not rule India and its highly educated people without ruining the system. They appointed Lord  Macaulay to design an education system suitable for British rulers. He successfully pushed Indians to that system. It happened in 19th century. 

Two centuries passed thereafter. However, we are still moving with the same rotten and useless system. People love white collar jobs though it is not much required. The education system produces large numbers of graduates and post graduates and even Doctorates of no use. Indian/state governments spend billions of rupees to run the system. Large numbers of private institutes also contribute to the same rotten system. Both are adding to non productive workforce resulting unemployment and joblessness.  

On the other hand, Indian manufacturing sector is crying for skilled work forces. We are not producing enough skilled workforce (Blue collar) required by our industries. Indian Industrial Institutes (ITIs) are the best solution for the problem. However, we do not have enough of these ITIs. Moreover, our ITIs have very less numbers of courses. There are several areas where we do not have any training program. Hence, our industries are trailing behind many other countries lacking skilled workforce. 

We can learn from China. They established large numbers of Industrial training institutes that have been producing very large numbers of technical persons. They started courses according to demand of their industries. These trained and skilled workforce are moving wheels of their industries. The world has seen the power of China in manufacturing sector that made China a super power in world economy. 

It is advisable that Indian government and private sectors change their education policy. We must not carry on with the two centuries old Macaulay system that ruined Indian industries. We have to upgrade our IITs, Engineering colleges, polytechnics and establish large numbers of ITIs with varied courses needed for our industries. We have to introduce several Computer and IT related courses to cater need of the industry.

Narendra Modi is sworn in as Prime Minister of India who has a vision to take India up. He wants to work tirelessly for development of the Nation India.His dreams come true with policy change in Indian education system.  

NB: Please comment on this blogpost so that I can know your views and send that to PMO. Narendra Modi, PM of India is open to any suggestions from any persons. Pl follow the blog for latest updates.

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